Item No.:W00524

Fleece Deluxe Waterproof Dog Bed

Type: Pet Bed
Features: These deluxe dog beds can only be appreciated by touch.
Giving your pet the comfort it deserves,
Each bed is made with your choice of filling. This is then encased in a waterproof lining. The outer cover is made from fleece and is removable for washing at 30 degrees. It fastens at one end with velcro.
Once the filling  is encased in the waterproof lining it prevents flea and tick infestation,
To clean the inner waterproof lining simply wipe down with a sponge etc.
We have over 40 colours to choose from. By using the link at the bottom of this page you can view our full colour range.
3 Sizes and 3 Types of bed all available by using the drop down boxes at the top of the advert.
The colour of this bed is in the title at the top of the page, your free spare outer cover can be chosen from the 1st drop down box. The 2nd drop down box is the type of bed you require. Flat mattress, Blown fibre cushion or Rhomboid memory foam.
The 3rd drop down box is the size. Medium, Large or Extra Large
Material: Fleece
Color: As picture shown (No.1~24)
Type & (Size) of Bed: Flat Matress Type-Are made from a bonded fibre insulator pad for comfort and to help prevent the  cold rising up through the bed,Use a 1200g pad for the extra large and 1000g pad for the Large and Medium  beds. (M Size 36L x 30w x 4d Inches)
Cushion Type-Are made from loose fibre blown into the lining to give a cushion effect bed. (M Size 34L x26w x 6d Inches)
Rhomboid Type-Are made from 3/4 inch squares of memory foam blown into the lining giving a long lasting cushion type bed. (M Size 34L x26w x 6d Inches)